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Danube Ports Day 2020

The Danube Ports Day 2020 edition was successfully organised in the framework of the DIONYSUS project by Pro Danube and the Port of Ennshafen, with the support of the Danube Ports Network.

The event brought together more than 60 experts from the Danube Region and beyond interested in hot topics such as shore side electricity and integrated logistics solutions.

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We would like to use this opportunity to give special thanks to our first session speakers, namely Mr. Turi Fiorito from EFIP, Ms Vera Hofbauer from the Austrian Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Pro Danube's Chairman Mr Herfried Leitner, Mr Werner Auer and Ms Karin Voglsam from the Port of Ennshafen, Mr Simon Hartl from viadonau, Mr. Ralf Jina from DDSG and Ms Andrea Kollman from the Energy Institute of the University of Linz.

Special thanks go as well to the speakers of the second session, namely Mr Marian Bujor, for introducing the High Performance Green Port Giurgiu Project, Mr Mathias von Tucher, for showing insights of the Port of Giurgiulesti and Mr Bela Szalma, for covering highly ambitious solutions for the ports in Hungary and PDI's General Secretary, Mr Robert Rafael, for moderating this session.

List of presentations:

1. Turi Fiorito, EFIP
2. Vera Hofbauer, BMK
3. Herfried Leitner, PDI
4. Werner Auer, Port of Ennshafen
5. Andrea Kolmann, Energy Institute of the University of Linz
6. Simon Hartl, viadonau
7. Karin Voglsam, Port of Ennshafen
8.Ralf Jina, DDSG
8. Marian Bujor, ILR Logistica Romania
9. Mathias von Tucher, Danube Logistics
10. Bela Szalma, Plimsoll
11. Robert Rafael, PDI

Two other editions will be organised in the next two years. These are foreseen to take place in Croatia (with the support of Port Authority Vukovar) and in Romania (in close cooperation with Constanta Maritime Port Administration).
Detailed information will be made available by the organisers few weeks before the actual meetings.


Deliverables Period 1 (covering the timeframe 07 - 12/2020)

Transport Corridors & IWT Markets

D.T1.1.1_DIONYSUS_Report on the selected Core & Comprehensive Network Sections and Nodes of the Transport Corridors on the Danube Region


Danube Inland & Sea Ports Analysis & Recommendations

D.T2.4.2_DIONYSUS_Yearly Activity Report on Digitalisation Initiatives 2020


Integrated Port Development

D.T3.3.1_DIONYSUS_Annual Work Plan 2020

D.T3.3.1_DIONYSUS_Yearly Activity Report 2020


Outputs Period 1 (covering the timeframe 07 - 12/2020)

Integrated Port Development

Output T3.7_DIONYSUS_Project Capitalisation Strategy


Deliverables Period 2 (covering the timeframe 01 - 06/2021)

Transport Corridors & IWT Markets

D.T1.1.2_DIONYSUS_Transport Infrastructure Status Quo Report

D.T1.2.1_DIONYSUS_Report on Trade Flows and Economic Framework Conditions for Cargo and Passenger Transport Development in the Danube Region

D.T2.2.2_DIONYSUS_Report on Cargo Transport Flows (Status Quo and Forecast) 

D.T1.3.1_DIONYSUS_ Framework Condition Analysis on Container Liner Services

D.T1.4.2_DIONYSUS_Active Participation in Policy and Logistics Events


Danube Inland & Sea Ports Analysis & Recommendations

D.T2.1.1_DIONYSUS_Report on Multi-Modal Infra- and Suprastructure Facilities and Services

D.T2.2.1_DIONYSUS_Status Quo & Mid-Term Perspective Danube Ports Infrastructure Report

D.T2.3.1_DIONYSUS_Study Report on Port Pricing Systems

D.T2.4.1_DIONYSUS_Inventory on Port Digitalisation Capabilities in the Danube Region


Integrated Port Development

D.T3.2.1_DIONYSUS_Summary Report: Analysis of Status-Quo and Mid-Term Perspective of Transport Infrastructure

D.T3.2.2_DIONYSUS_Summary Report: Assessment of Growth Potential for Main Agricultural Products

Newsletter 1 (12/2020)

Actively supported by the Danube Ports Network, this first edition of the DIONYSUS newsletter provides a comprehensive overview on the results achieved in the early stages of the project and the status of the milestones that lie ahead.

The newsletter can be accessed here.

Newsletter 2 (06/2021)

The second edition of the DIONYSUS newsletter provides a comprehensive overview on the results achieved in the first half of 2021 and the status of milestones that lie ahead.

The newsletter can be accessed here


Factsheet 1 (12/2020)

The first DPN factsheet was released in the framework of the DIONYSUS project in December 2020. A copy of this factsheet can be retrieved here

Factsheet 2 (12/2021)

The second DPN factsheet, released in the framework of DIONYSUS, provides a comprehensive overview on the most important results achieved during 2021 and is available for download here.


Danube Ports Handbook Edition 2021

The first edition of the Danube Ports Handbook, published in December 2021, is now available for download here.



The Digital Initiatives Observatory consists of digitalisation initiatives along the logistics chains in line with RIS deployments, EU digitalisation policy goals, legislation and measures in relation to IWT. The Observatory is facilitated by means on an interactive tool hosted on the DPN website. The information therein is updated on a regular basis every six months.

By means of dedicated filters, the visitor will select the information which interest him/her the most, choosing between:

  • country,
  • transnational projects,
  • policy initiatives,
  • dedicated working groups,
  • funding opportunities.

DPN Technical Secretariat
(hosted by Pro Danube Management GmbH)

Grünbergstraße 15, Stiege 1, 5th Floor
A-1120 Vienna/Austria
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Traffic information will be collected on a yearly basis (2020, 2021, 2022) covering the Danube Region ports which are part of the DIONYSUS project consortium. These ports will provide updated information on the volumes of the main types of cargo transhipped in their port. The data will be used further by DT 3.3.6 COVID-19 Impact on Danube Ports and will be made available as well by the DPN Handbook.

Statistics will be collected from the following ports with the support of the related partners:

  • For Austria: Ennshafen (by Port of Ennshafen), Vienna (by Port of Vienna-ASP)
  • Slovakia: Bratislava, Komarno (by Public Ports)
  • Hungary: Budapest, Gyor, Dunaújváros (by HFIP)
  • Croatia: Vukovar (by PAV)
  • Serbia: Novi Sad, Belgrade, Pancevo, Smederevo (by PGA)
  • Romania: Orsova, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Giurgiu, Constanta, Galati (by MPAC and APDF-ASP)
  • Bulgaria: Vidin, Lom, Ruse, Bulmarket (by POB & BRCCI)
  • Moldova: Giurgiulesti (by DANLOG -ASP)
  • Ukraine: Reni, Izmail, Kilia (by USPA)

Statistics will be collected by the DPN based on a dedicated survey which will be sent out after the end of each year (for 2020 – in Q1/2021, for 2021 – in Q1/2022, for 2022 – in Q3/2022).

Its governance structure, decision-making process, modus operandi, partners roles & responsibilities are governed by a Cooperation Agreement which shall not bind partner organizations or their staff, to any financial or other liability without further formal documentation.

DPN Capitalisation Strategy (version 12/2020)

The present capitalisation strategy proposes a detailed insight into the planned activities meant to foster the creation of knowledge inside the DIONYSUS project as well as to facilitate its transfer towards external stakeholders. At the same time, dedicated know-how will be collected from various experts active in the field of IWT and related industries by means of the manifold meetings and workshops foreseen during the entire implementation period of the DIONYSUS project. The strategy shall be implemented with the support of the Danube Ports Network (DPN), a platform aiming to enable cooperation between Danube inland and maritime ports addressing complex issues facing the port sector. The project DAPhNE (www.interreg-danube.eu/daphne) has provided the adequate support for the first year of the pilot operation of the network covering 1st of July 2018 to 30th of June 2019. Following the five period of implementation of the DIONYSUS project, this document outlines the capitalisation activities closely linked to the progress of the project partners. Synergies arise between all foreseen activities, therefore the capitalisation process shall be a smooth one.The capitalisation strategy consists of two dedicated parts, namely an internal chapter and a chapter focused on external activities. The internal part represents a matrix with combines efficiently all activities from all four content related DIONYSUS workpackages (T1 Transport Corridors & IWT Markets, T2 Danube Inland & Sea Ports Analysis & Recommendations, T3 Integrated Port Development, T4 Pilot Cases). The external affairs focused part displays the interactions with the external stakeholders as well with several relevant entities such as the EUSDR PA1A, NAIADES 3 working group, etc.

For details, please refer to the report here.

DPN Workprogramme (version 06/2019)

The current document includes a description of the tasks that have to be carried out by the DPN on a yearly basis throughout its start-up phase (July 2019 -June 2022)1 . It lists the objectives and means by which to carry them out. An event list is also attached to this document. 


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