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CND Tool

The online tool serves as an instrument for optimal routing of a barge container ship on an inland waterway. It is based on the MILP model and aims to maximize the profit of the shipping company, while, at the same time, defining upstream and downstream calling sequence and number of loaded and empty containers transported between any two ports. 

The tool aims to facilitate decision-making processes at the strategic planning level, which relate to the establishment of a container barge network on the Danube River. The approach is based on the development of a mathematical programming model that can be applied to give recommendations about establishing a container liner service on any inland waterway. 


Deliverables Period 1 (covering the timeframe 07 - 12/2020)

Transport Corridors & IWT Markets

D.T1.1.1_DIONYSUS_Report on the selected Core & Comprehensive Network Sections and Nodes of the Transport Corridors on the Danube Region


Danube Inland & Sea Ports Analysis & Recommendations

D.T2.4.2_DIONYSUS_Yearly Activity Report on Digitalisation Initiatives 2020


Integrated Port Development

D.T3.3.1_DIONYSUS_Annual Work Plan 2020

D.T3.3.1_DIONYSUS_Yearly Activity Report 2020


Outputs Period 1 (covering the timeframe 07 - 12/2020)

Integrated Port Development

Output T3.7_DIONYSUS_Project Capitalisation Strategy


Deliverables Period 2 (covering the timeframe 01 - 06/2021)

Transport Corridors & IWT Markets

D.T1.1.2_DIONYSUS_Transport Infrastructure Status Quo Report

D.T1.2.1_DIONYSUS_Report on Trade Flows and Economic Framework Conditions for Cargo and Passenger Transport Development in the Danube Region

D.T2.2.2_DIONYSUS_Report on Cargo Transport Flows (Status Quo and Forecast) 

D.T1.3.1_DIONYSUS_ Framework Condition Analysis on Container Liner Services

D.T1.4.2_DIONYSUS_Active Participation in Policy and Logistics Events


Danube Inland & Sea Ports Analysis & Recommendations

D.T2.1.1_DIONYSUS_Report on Multi-Modal Infra- and Suprastructure Facilities and Services

D.T2.2.1_DIONYSUS_Status Quo & Mid-Term Perspective Danube Ports Infrastructure Report

D.T2.3.1_DIONYSUS_Study Report on Port Pricing Systems

D.T2.4.1_DIONYSUS_Inventory on Port Digitalisation Capabilities in the Danube Region


Integrated Port Development

D.T3.2.1_DIONYSUS_Summary Report: Analysis of Status-Quo and Mid-Term Perspective of Transport Infrastructure

D.T3.2.2_DIONYSUS_Summary Report: Assessment of Growth Potential for Main Agricultural Products


Deliverables Period 3 (covering the timeframe 07 - 12/2021)

Transport Corridors & IWT Markets

D.T1.1.1 Report on on-going and Planned Projects on the Transport Corridors in the Danube Region

D.T1.2.3 Report on IWT Cargo Potential

D.T1.4.2 Active Participation in Policy and Logistics Events


Danube Inland & Sea Ports Analysis & Recommendations 

D.T2.2.2 Danube Ports Accessibility and Connectivity Report 

D.T2.3.2 Summary Report on Danube Ports Governance Structures

D.T2.4.2 Yearly Activity Report 2021


Integrated Port Development

D.T3.2.3 Summary Report: Analysis of Infrastructure Investment Needs in the Future for the Agricultural Danube Ports

D.T3.3.1 Annual Work Plan 2021 

D.T3.3.1 Yearly Activity Report 2021 

D.T3.4.2 Analysis of the Existing Infrastructure & the Investment Needs at DR Ports Level for River Cruise Industry


Outputs Period 3 (covering the timeframe 07 - 12/2021)

Transport Corridors & IWT Markets

O.T1.6 Awareness and Promotion Strategy for Danube Transportation


Deliverables Period 4 (covering the timeframe (01 - 06/2022)

Transport Corridors & IWT Markets

D_T1.1.4 Report on Traffic Flows in the Danube Corridor

D_T1.2.4 Fairway Maintenance Impact Report

D_T1.2.6 Market Analysis for Passenger Transport


Danube Inland & Sea Ports Analysis & Recommendations

D_T2.1.2 Report on Multi-Modal/Intermodal Market Perspectives

D_T2.1.3 Gap Analysis (country-based report including summary)

D_T2.3.3 One (1) Questionnaire Regarding the Applied Pricing Principles in Ports

D_T2.3.4 Study Report on Port Costing & Pricing in the Danube Region

D_T2.4.3 Inter-Connecting Danube & Sea Ports Digital Infrastructure through Robotic Process Automation. A Multimodal Approach


Integrated Port Development

D_T3.1.1 Summary Report: Analysis of Regional Economic Development Strategies, Policies & Programs with regard to Danube Ports with Annexes: Country Reports (AT, SK, HU, HR, RS, BG, RO, MD, UA)

D_T3.1.2 Summary Report: Analysis of European & National Transport Policies, Strategies & Programs with regard to the Danube Ports with Annexes: Country Reports (AT, SK, HU, HR, RS, BG, RO, MD, UA)

D_T3.3.6 COVID-19 Impact on Danube Ports


Pilot Cases

D_T4.1.1 Operational & Business Development Model for Danube Region Ports


Outputs Period 4 (covering the timeframe 01 - 06/2022)

Transport Corridors & IWT Markets

O_T1.2 Fairway Maintenance Impact Calculation Tool

O_T1.3 IWT Market Observatory

O_T1.4 Workshops on Container Liner Services


Integrated Port Development

O_T3.3 Strategy & Recommendations for Optimizing the Waterborne Transport of Agricultural Products in the Danube Region


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