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Deliverables and Outputs

Deliverables Period 1 (covering the timeframe 07 - 12/2020)

Transport Corridors & IWT Markets

D.T1.1.1_DIONYSUS_Report on the selected Core & Comprehensive Network Sections and Nodes of the Transport Corridors on the Danube Region


Danube Inland & Sea Ports Analysis & Recommendations

D.T2.4.2_DIONYSUS_Yearly Activity Report on Digitalisation Initiatives 2020


Integrated Port Development

D.T3.3.1_DIONYSUS_Annual Work Plan 2020

D.T3.3.1_DIONYSUS_Yearly Activity Report 2020


Outputs Period 1 (covering the timeframe 07 - 12/2020)

Integrated Port Development

Output T3.7_DIONYSUS_Project Capitalisation Strategy


Deliverables Period 2 (covering the timeframe 01 - 06/2021)

Transport Corridors & IWT Markets

D.T1.1.2_DIONYSUS_Transport Infrastructure Status Quo Report

D.T1.2.1_DIONYSUS_Report on Trade Flows and Economic Framework Conditions for Cargo and Passenger Transport Development in the Danube Region

D.T2.2.2_DIONYSUS_Report on Cargo Transport Flows (Status Quo and Forecast) 

D.T1.3.1_DIONYSUS_ Framework Condition Analysis on Container Liner Services

D.T1.4.2_DIONYSUS_Active Participation in Policy and Logistics Events


Danube Inland & Sea Ports Analysis & Recommendations

D.T2.1.1_DIONYSUS_Report on Multi-Modal Infra- and Suprastructure Facilities and Services

D.T2.2.1_DIONYSUS_Status Quo & Mid-Term Perspective Danube Ports Infrastructure Report

D.T2.3.1_DIONYSUS_Study Report on Port Pricing Systems

D.T2.4.1_DIONYSUS_Inventory on Port Digitalisation Capabilities in the Danube Region


Integrated Port Development

D.T3.2.1_DIONYSUS_Summary Report: Analysis of Status-Quo and Mid-Term Perspective of Transport Infrastructure

D.T3.2.2_DIONYSUS_Summary Report: Assessment of Growth Potential for Main Agricultural Products

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