DPN Activities

DPN Activities

Through its activities, the DPN will reinforce the impact of the Network by providing services and network coordination activities and by designing and implementing dedicated Danube port awareness, promotion and knowledge transfer events.

Our Service Portfolio

  • Developing & implementing common interest projects & strategic initiatives,
  • Initiating port policy & network awareness activities,
  • Fostering active cooperation, strategic alliances & partnerships to benefit the network,  
  • Facilitating network collaboration & support activities.

The focus of our work

  • Good port governance, sustainable port development & operations,
  • Environment, renewable energy, climate change mitigation,
  • Port digitalisation, RTD & Innovation,
  • Ports’ connectivity & logistics,
  • Port training & education.

Ongoing activities (2020-2021)

  • Survey on Port Statistics and COVID-19 Impactdeveloped within the DIONYSUS project with the support of the Danube Ports Network (DPN), the aim of the survey is to collect information on port traffic in the midst of the pandemic covering the year 2020. While Danube shipping is closely correlated with developments in the global and regional economy, the average number of port calls, as well as the amount of the handled products and traffic in passenger transport, could generate useful insights into the actual impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the Danube IWT. The survey furthermore touches upon topics linked to any kind of procedural restrictions that might have impaired a smooth transport flow.

Past activities

  • Survey on assessing the digital capabilities and preparedness of ports in the Danube Region to undergo a digital transformation: the survey was carried out in order to assess the digital capabilities, needs and preparedness of Danube Ports to adapt to the challenges of the new digital era. The proposed survey was prepared within the framework of the DIONYSUS project and was released in mid-December 2020. It collected input from and most of the Danube Region ports, both inland and maritime, until the end of February 2021. The survey targeted port authorities/administrations/port development companies focusing on the use of digital means in order to improve the efficiency of port operations.     
  • Push4Danube - Demand analysis of intended investments in the IWT sector: jointly initiated by Pro Danube International and Pro Danube Austria, the aim of Push4Danube was to bundle the investment needs of the sector in order to facilitate the adequate financing of IWT related projects. Challenged by an unprecedented crisis, the active involvement of the sector was considered a key prerequisite to successfully adapt the IWT industry to the ambitious environmental EU policy framework.                                                                                                                                                           
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