How to become a partner

According with the purpose of Danube Ports Network, the members can be: Public and private port operators, Public Port Administrations or Inland and sea ports of the Danube and Black Sea Region.

They will have the following responsabilities:

  • Actively participate in collaborative activities (projects, events);
  • Interact with the Technical Secretariat and (project) working groups;
  • Contribute to the network activities by sharing new ideas, best practices and other information relevant for partners (e.g. funding and financing opportunities, research & technical issues, innovation issues);
  • Provide support to network members by sharing human resources for joint activities (e.g. for assistance in public affairs, public media and networking);
  • Share knowledge and information through various network communication channels such as websites, newsletters, social media etc.;
  • Participate in relevant events of the network as well as in those organised by its members;
  • Contribute to the organisational and technical meetings and provide input and feedback when requested by the Technical Secretariat;
  • Participate in and support the implementation of the network Work Programme;
  • Keep data profile and contact information up-to-date;


To become a Danube Ports Network Partner, please fill in our on-line Join the Network Registration Form.

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