DPN contributes the first working meeting on Education & Training opportunities for Danube Ports with the Danube Commission and UNCTAD

On 6 February 2020, DPN Technical Secretariat participated in first working meeting on Education and Training opportunities for the Danube Ports. The meeting was initiated and hosted by the Danube Commission (DC) Secretariat with the aim of discussing the UNCTAD TrainForTrade - Port Management Programme (PMP) and possibilities of adapting the training programme to the needs of the Danube ports, including next steps for developing a specific model of cooperation and coordination among UNCTAD, DC and DPN. This shall enable the development and implementation of a dedicated EU/Danube Region-wide Port Management Training Scheme benefiting Danube River and Sea ports.

The participants agreed that a comprehensive regional port management training programme needs to be initiated for the next generation of Danube river and seaports, geared into the Danube ports‘needs and labour market requirements. In this context, Danube Commission will act as the facilitator for setting up an improved education and training initiative, with the DPN acting as a key interface for UNCTAD in the definition and implementation of a dedicated Danube port training program. 

The meeting served as a preparatory step ahead of the DC’s Expert Group meeting on Crew and Personnel (EG PERS) to be held on the 27th of April 2020 in Budapest, which shall discuss inter alia the benefits of developing and implementing a comprehensive education and training port initiative in the Danube Region.