Danube Ports Network Advisory Board Meeting

DPN MeetingOrganised online on 27 April, the core objective of the Danube Ports Network (DPN) Advisory Board Meeting was to undertake a thorough review of the activities carried out by the Technical Secretariat in order to determine how it could best support the needs of Danube ports. High on the agenda were the milestones reached since the start of the DIONYSUS project, such as the launch of a new, interactive website with a multitude of updated features. These new functionalities include the Port Knowledge Center and the Digital Initiatives Observatory. Both serve as instruments for knowledge creation and facilitation and are periodically being updated with relevant information.

It was unanimously agreed that the activities of the DPN shall continue in representing the interest of the network and its partners in national and transnational port-related initiatives and projects, emphasizing its importance in keeping Danube ports at the forefront of innovation, thus facilitating their adaptation to the needs and requirements of a modern, future-oriented transport system. Moreover, the DPN will continue to actively support diverse forms of cooperation and partnerships between Danube ports leading to synergies and higher efficiency. 

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